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November 15th, 2018

One to One Photography Training, the best way to learn

What is the best way to learn more about photography ?

Can you learn all you need to know from online resources? Look, you’re online now.

Despite the dawn of the millennials and the trillions of You Tube photography tutorials available, people very often still feel a desire to be face to face with another person.

One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

A long exposure taken on a Fujifilm GFS | 32mm – Lee Filters helped create a distinct look to this image – f22 | 30 secs | ISO 100


Think about online communication versus face-to-face with family and friends. It’s easier and it’s quicker to drop an email or to Skype, (so online has it’s place), however, there is considerable evidence to suggest that face to face meet ups produce more feelings of happiness and closeness. When you interact with others, you nurture and develop relationships, and I think that one-to one tutoring plays an important role in building a budding photographer’s confidence and skill levels. It’s just you, me and our camera’s – what, could be more perfect than that?

One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

Urban environments give dramatic backdrops, taken on a Canon D5 | 70mm – Off Camera Flash helped create drama within this portrait – f8 | 1/200 secs | ISO 200


What about learning as part of a group ?

Undoubtedly group photography classes have some plus’s, (one of which is cost), however, I’m here to advocate the benefits of one-to-one tuition; ideally, with us!

First and foremost, we are better able to tailor one-to-one courses to your individual needs and requirements. When teaching a group, it’s necessary to pitch the lesson at the average ability level in the room, side of a lake or mountain. This can be frustrating for students who are either more advanced or less able. This leads to frustration and sometimes may result in stroppiness (is that a word? I think so, and we like to avoid it!). Without the scrummage we are able to dedicate every lesson to you alone; your particular style, your preferred pace – the whole point is, the tutoring is honed to your specific skill set.

One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

Tide and weather came together for this shot in Chester, taken on a Canon D5 | 28mm – No Filters – f10 | 1/250 | ISO 100


One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

Working one-to-one, I’m afforded the opportunity to get to know exactly what you want to achieve,what your aspirations are, how you feel about photography and how you judge your own skill set, I can then provide you with targeted and effective photography training. You’re going to benefit from individual attention.

With private tuition you are more likely to ask as many questions as possible, without worrying that you’ve asked too many and should step back and ‘zip it’ so other group members can have a turn! But as it’s just you, fire away! Whatever you need to know, just ask, you will recieve instant feedback.

In a similar vein to above, one-to-one photography tuition has another plus point; you will build a rapport far more easily than if we were in a group situation (I’m a laid-back, cheery chappy, we’re bound to get on!). What this means is, your talents and strengths will become much more obvious more quickly. Everyone responds better to different teaching approaches – some learn better listening, others watching, others doing, some a mixture of all three. I’m generous with my knowledge, I like to share, I like to see people get passionate about the photographs they’ve taken and about better understanding of their camera. What I want is fire and engagement and excitement, and I can help fuel that fire best when I’m working one-to-one.

One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

Another portrait in an urban environment, taken on a Fuji GFS | 110mm – f2 | 1/200 secs | ISO 200


I ensure that my students take a hands-on approach. Method is something that you have to know, but the more you shoot, the more you learn about your camera and about yourself. It can’t all be theory; unless you’re out there snapping away, you’re not producing pictures and analyzing the results; you’re not developing an eye or finding inspiration. Working with Cheshire School of Photography One-to-one, I can work out a programme that will help you cover a whole range of camera technique, photo editing and practical location shots, and I can more easily track your progress than if I had students swarming all over the show!

One to One Photography Training the best way to learn

Cheshire School of Photography on Tour


You won’t feel rushed, you won’t be distracted, you won’t feel the need to talk or make comments to anyone other than your tutor. It can be an exceedingly life affirming experience having the head space to get that perfect shot, that aspirational image (and I’m not trying to get all spiritual!).

One-to-one tutoring isn’t a social club for meeting new people and arranging Costa mornings with your fellow group members. I drink coffee and we shall do so together during our sessions (tea if you prefer), as we mentioned earlier, it’s just you, me and our camera’s, with our knowledge and your enthusiasm, what could be more perfect.